Drilling Equipment

Drilling Equipment Services

Drilling technology with casings and liners are widely known around the world. Representatives of our company have experience in the implementation of these works in the leading companies. Working with world leaders in the provision of separate units to carry out drilling with casing and liners, we offer our customers turnkey solutions including its own service center with the provision of services for the implementation of fieldwork and implementation of engineering support (load calculations during the rotation, the axle loads , preparation of work programs, drilling on paper, etc.) with a selection of the most efficient equipment from the entire spectrum:

– Mechanical and hydraulic systems for automatic casing running (including computer control makeup torque system), rotation, flushing/circulation, connections MU, rotation while cementing system

– Drillable by conventional roller cone and PDC drill bits Drilling/casing shoes and reamer shoes.

– Cementing equipment

– Liner hanger systems, with hydraulically locked system that allows rotation of the liner during the running process

*Liner Hanger Equipment

*Torque reduction Subs

*Automatic Reamer Shoes

*Cementation Equipment

*Drilling Tubulars – Drill Pipe, Drill Collars, HWDP, Non-Mags

*Drilling Accessories – X-Overs, Stabilizers, Kelly Valves

*Drilling Jars & Accelerators

*Casing Accessories