PetroInnovations is a company specializing in the supply of engineering systems & equipment, parts and materials to the Oil & Gas, Construction, Power Generation, Marine, and Ports. PetroInnovations is considered as a strategic partner to our customers, who delivers valued added solution, to support their project, operation, plant improvement and procurement needs. Our satisfied and loyal customers span across a wide spectrum of industries, which include: • Oil & Gas • Marine, Ports and Container Yards • Petrochemicals We are continuously improving our marketing strategy in order to become one of the leaders in the industries.


We serve our customers by providing innovative solutions and leading edge products that are well known for their superior quality and dependability. We know that we exist because of our customer’s confidence in us and in our products. Our commitment to them is to discover, fulfill, and satisfy their needs through a professional business relationship and responsive deliveries.


Our mission is to maintain and enhance internal and external customer satisfaction. External customer satisfaction will be achieved by enhanced profitability through the application and integrated service by on-site consultants. Supporting these applications with “Best Practices” and integrated business relationship based on ethical and honest behavior. Internal customer satisfaction will be accomplished through a devotion to individual training, coaching, and development. These practices will exist within an environment of openness, honesty, equity, and integrity.


The team has in-depth experience in business, especially in the O&G industry. With a commitment to the job and with the added benefit of experience, we believe that our company will evolve into a recognized force in the oilfield.